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Papersonal Collection



If you love art and want to have possessions that have no second, you are going to love Papersonal, the finest collection of cabochon artisanship.

Cabochons have a long history as being elements of elegance and uniqueness in one piece. The same applies to this collection premium quality necklaces. 

Papersonal Glass Cabochons are made from old calendars. Once ordinary calendars that adorned a room, these are transformed into collectables after hours of individual work and refinement. 

Each cabochon has intricate artwork on them, finished with a high quality glass that keeps the artwork safe from scratches or fading away. Each pendant than is placed inside metal frame is hung from a long handcuff chain. The chain features a cluster of 2 or 3 corresponding charms. Each one is unique and one of a kind and cannot (and will not) be remade.

If you are looking for a gift for someone you love the most and want to express your feelings to them, Papersonal is the best choice you have. These pendants make an excellent choice for any independent woman in your life.  Each Papersonal Necklace is a collectors item and is an exclusive product.

  • Do you have a birthday of a friend coming up?
  • Do you want your sister to love your gift on her birthday?
  • Do you want to share a feeling with someone you care the most?
  • Or do you love artwork jewelry?

Art Is What Expresses Your Mind, Touches Your Heart And Portrays The Truth Of Nature Inside Of You In A Single Expression

We have a number of impressions and a range of artwork that can be categorized into two: birds and goddesses.  

Birds represent beauty, elegance, freedom and the true nature of a human soul.
The goddesses symbolize for natures love and care for humanity and hope beyond anything.

However, each of the Papersonal cabochons being exclusive, they all stand for something different and unique. 

Each of the Papersonal Necklaces is made from highest quality materials and finished to perfection so that it is second to none. It does not matter you order one from us or do you want a collection of 12, we only create the best quality individually finished cabochons.

You Will Fall In Love With Papersonal Glass Cabochons.